Friday, December 4, 2009

Dec 4th [Updated]

It just occurred to me that I have never found an excuse for posting a Philip DeGuard/Maurice Noble background on this blog. I will now make up for that omission with this screenshot from Steal Wool (Chuck Jones, 1957).
For once the colors are relatively close to "reality".

So what is the color of the suspension bridge Ralph Wolf built and why?
[Update: Don't look too far, it's for a very practical reason]

 A                       B                       C                      D

The correct answer was B:


Shannon Crissey said...

"reality"? tough call! But I think purple would contrast nicely with the yellow trees.

Aaron said...

D. These cartoons didnt use an extreme color palette. The rope bridge is brown/tan. Plus the color repeats the color of the leaves.

Pablo Hernández Delgado said...


Hammy said...

B! :)

Hammy said...

I forgot to write my answer why it's red. Because it was a firecracker, I so happen to watch this short a few months ago though. So it wasn't a guess.

Oswald Iten said...

@Hammy: You're right, of course. If you know the answer, even better than guessing. It means your color memory is pretty good. There would always be several colors possible, it's the choice someone made that is in the finished film. I believe that looking closer at some images sharpens our perception for color in the films we watch casually.