Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dec 17: Fantasia/2000 [Updated]

The final image of the "Tin Soldier sequence" of Fantasia/2000

To commemorate Roy E. Disney's legacy - he sadly passed away yesterday morning - I have chosen a few frames from Fantasia/2000, one of his pet projects as an executive producer. Unfortunately, I don't have any True Life Adventures on which he served as cinematographer.

The Eric Goldberg segments always stood out to me, so today's screenshot is from his "flamingo sequence":

What color is the sky?

A                       B                       C                       D

Note: This last minute change may lead to some confusion 
regarding the picture numbers of the three following posts. 

It was B.
The background alternates between yellow and green. Here, it resembles the roadrunner and later Hanna-Barbera backgrounds. in other parts, the green background balances the pink and violet of the crazy flamingo and the branch.

Notice how the leaves do not interrupt the overall shape of the branch because they are much closer in hue to the background. Even on a very quick glance we register the basic shape of the branch and how it affects the flamingoes' behavior. This segment is pure Goldberg, just watch the eyes and the angular mouth on the upper picture or the straight side-face in the lower.


Aaron said...

B, yellow to make the purple stand out more

Soriah said...

C. I'm following my gut on this one.

The Amazing Spider-Ads said...

I'm pretty sure it's C!

Shannon Crissey said...

wow, finally a familiar image!...but for the life of me I can't tell you what the sky color is! Ahh I'll go with D though.

sunny kharbanda said...

R.I.P. Roy Disney.

As for the sky, is it C?

Soriah said...