Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec 23: Lady and the Tramp [Updated]

What's the color of the present next to the ball (above Scamp's head)?

A                       B                      C                      D

Despite all the christmas presents that are red and blue (blue is least obtrusive here, as the floor is also kind of blue), this one parcel is green (B) like the Christmas tree that is hardly visible in this framing.
In the wider shot it might not stand out because we only register the tree in background, in the closer framing it works well with the overall red-green Christmas theme.


Aaron said...


sunny kharbanda said...

There seems to be a red/blue theme going on in the presents under the tree, so it's most likely A or C.

I'm guessing C.

Soriah said...

The ball is red, the toy drum is red, the nut cracker is red, and the dog's sweater is mostly red. I'm going to go with "C," Red.

Xari said...


Kate said...

C or B