DVD comparisons

Two Dumbo DVD editions or yellow stripes vs. green stripes.
I've always been interested in film restoration. But ever since I stumbled over the vast color differences in Disney's 2003 DVD restoration of Pinocchio (compared to the 2000 DVD edition) I've started comparing different DVD editions. Sometimes I even feel the need to write about this subject because whenever color schemes are analyzed it is important to know what source the analysis is based on. In contrast to such valuable sites as DVDBeaver I don't intend to review the DVD/BD comprehensively.

My main concern is that I'd like to see a movie in a version as close as possible to the original. If it was threestrip-Technicolor or 16mm blowup, I want it to look that way. In my vocabulary the term "restoration" does not include "changing so it looks *better* than the original". A film is always appreciated best when seen within its time of production. Eliminating all the optical references to this particular time frame is not doing anybody any favor. The storytelling, acting and so on are still a product of a certain time even if the grain has been digitally removed. Particularly in animated films the grain is your friend - at least that's my opinion.

Since these posts are scattered all about my blog, here is a list in alphabetical order. I try to update it now and then and maybe even post some recommendations of editions I particularly like.

101 Dalmatians:

  • A "Dumbo" for our Times: An essay about restorations as products of their time on the occasion of the Dumbo 70th Anniversary BD/DVD.

Sleeping Beauty