Monday, December 21, 2009

Dec 21: Tarte aux pommes [Updated]

(The Think Pink post has just been updated.)

Besides Georges Schwizgebel there are not many Swiss independent animators that are known throughout the world. One of them is Isabelle Favez. Her film Valises is currently in the festival circuit and in Swiss cinemas as a supporting movie. Her minimalistically designed and animated stories (she mainly uses cel action 2D) are heavily inspired by Russian cut-out film makers.

Today, I want to direct your attention to a frame enlargement from Tarte aux pommes (2006), a gentle short about a baker, her cat, a butcher, a hunter and his dog. The blue kitchen reminds me of the birth scene in 101 Dalmatians.

What's the color of the table?

A                      B                     C                    D

The answer is C, green:


Aaron said...

D cause most of the scene is blue

Xari said...


sunny kharbanda said...

I'm thinking A, which would give us a grouping of warm colored objects in an otherwise cool kitchen. The table seems important to the story, so it needs to stand out. Red would be too strong, so I'm going with yellow.

stealingsand said...

I give up - how can we find out the answer to the quiz? :D

stealingsand said...


Soriah said...