Sunday, July 16, 2017

Locarno Film Festival #movieofmylife

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the Locarno (Film) Festival launched a competition called #movieofmylife:
Tell us about the movie that changed your life, the one that got under your skin the most, to the point where nothing’s ever been the same since. We all have at least one film, one scene, one shot, that we still can’t get out of our minds. We want you to recall the big screen moments which left such a lasting impression on your life.
The rules are: no more than 70 seconds and don't reveal the title of the movie until the end of the video. In the meantime, people have participated in many different ways with videos ranging from cellphone selfies to re-staged classic scenes. Since I don't like to see my face on video and I am invited to join a round table about video essays, I have opted for animation with voice over narration.

You can see my video here:
Unfortunately, I can't embed it because you can only vote on the competition website.

If you go there make sure to check out some of the other videos, there are really great examples of capturing films without a single word! Sometimes, you recognize the film right from the beginning, sometimes the whole video only makes sense when the title of the portrayed film is revealed (like in one of my favorite videos (so far) about a neorealist classic).

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