Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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Central framing in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD
"The films that I constantly revisited or saw repeatedly held up longer for me over the years not because of plot but because of character and a very different approach to story." (Martin Scorsese)
Whenever I see a film there usually are some technical or narrative aspects or peculiarities which I would like to look at more closely in comparison to other films. But since I hardly ever have time to do so I plan to store such raw material for potential analyses in an "archive blog" called FILM STUDIES RESOURCES. At best, this will eventually become a non representative online resource for film enthusiasts who want to look at a film from a specific angle or who are just interested to find out what might be interesting to pay attention to during a film.

The posts contain only the bare bones, but to make access easier they are labelled quite extensively. There are already about 15 entries right now and I plan to post a new film every Friday. The same film can get multiple entries for different aspects. So if you are interested in such a thing, take a look at: http://filmstudiesresources.blogspot.com/

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Annie said...

Thanks for letting us know! This will be handy.