Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dec 2 - Tarzan [Updated]

Well, I've never thought that one day I would write about Tarzan. Yesterday I watched it for the first time ever since it was in theaters. Being one of my least favorite Disney films I've had no intention of seeing it again for a long time. But now in the light of the Glen Keane debate at Michael Sporn's Splog, I've decided to give it a closer look. And although I watched it focusing mainly on character design and animation (typical Keane poses in particular), I found something to write about concerning color. But first, it inspired me to today's color guessing question:

[Update:]A was correct, as you can see. The light doesn't seem to affect this little frog. More on that later...

Which of these frogs is distracting Kala's and Kerchak's baby?

screenshot with desaturated frog