Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Advent Calender 2010 - Dec 1 [Updated]

It's this time of the year again and luckily I'm less busy than the past few months. So I try to do an Advent calender again. Most of it will be color guessing again (not all of it, though).

How the color guessing works: I post an image with one area completely desaturated or modified otherwise. Underneath there are several color propositions for the desaturated area. If you think you know the correct color, write a comment with the letter corresponding to the picture you think is correct. Of course you could always guess, it’s multiple choice after all. I will withhold comments for at least the day after, so that you don’t see what other people already have guessed. As long as you don't see any comments on a post you can still answer, even if the next one is already up.

Later I will also post the original image. There might also be additional questions like trivia or one or two "normal" posts inbetween.

If I get three answers I will continue, else I will stop posting those images.

I'm putting together a list of participants just for fun to see who got the most answers right. 

December 1: what color do you think Baloo is in this beautiful preliminary color sketch?

modified image (Baloo desaturated)


 The solution is B
I've taken this sketch from Pierre Lambert's gorgeous book Le Livre De La Jungle
Unfortunately, there is no artist credited.


touet said...


Shannon Crissey said...

Glad to see your doing this again! It was a fun exercise last year, let's see if I've improved since then!
I'm going to go with D.

Daniel said...


B. Smith said...

D. Definitely D.