Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Inbetween V

Well, what can I say... the first of a new month already...

Two weeks ago I was invited to stay with friends in Budapest where we held a story development meeting. It was an entirely pleasant experience and I saw more of the city than I had expected. The following pencil and felt pen sketches are all from this trip.

the view from my friends' apartment

my host, exhausted

I didn't have a camera with me, so instead of going through photographs afterwards I did this pastel "color script". Without further planning I drew from memory depicting the most memorable images that came to mind (in chronological order). The subjects are:
1. row: take off in the fog; above the clouds
2. row: Budapest façades; cinema "Corvin"; café "New York"

3. row: concert Harcsa Veronica; coffee house "Central"; theatre performance "a démon gyermekei"

4. row: movie "Taxidermia" by Pálfi György
; Széchenyi Thermal Bath


Anonymous said...

Great work!
I love "my host, exhausted".

Why don't bring a camera?

Oswald Iten said...


>>Why don't bring a camera?

My host is a photographer, so I can always ask him for some photographs, because lots of times I'm disappointed when I see my own photos afterwards...

Stejahen said...

Cool color script. What a great way to do travel sketching. You did this all from memory?

JakeAlbers said...

Budapest sounds fantastic! How did you enjoy Taxidermia? I thought it was fascinating, despite being the most visceral film I have ever seen...a lot of the audience must have thought so too, as there was less than half left by the end of the film....

ps: Still enjoying your other film analyze's!

Oswald Iten said...

I liked Taxidermia although I didn't really connect to any of the characters on an emotional basis. But the striking formal beauty and consistency left me in awe.
Did you notice, by the way, that the Hungarian national colors red, white and green feature very prominently, with red obviously dominating the socialist scenes?