Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bill Justice's White Rabbit

Today, the 60th anniversary BluRay edition of Alice in Wonderland hits the stores around here. I'm already curious how different the colors will be compared to the recent "un-birthday edition" that was already very different from the previous DVD release. 

If ever I have time to write about the color design of a whole Disney feature again, it will be Alice. I particularly like the whole Mary-Blair-haircut-house scene with the bordeaux grass and the balancing gray.

In remembrance of Bill Justice who passed away two weeks ago, here is a whole animation scene (31 drawings altogether, all exposed on twos):

The White Rabbit is witnessing the burning of his own house. The beginning of this shot has him cheering along with the Dodo who sets the straw on fire. The turning point comes when the Rabbit realizes again that he must do something against it in order to save his house. Bill Justice accents this turning point with a take that takes the rabbit beyond the frame edges (just look at the shadow - probably by the effects department - that appears only when necessary and without connection to the overall lighting scheme).


Best 3D Animation Software said...

R.I.P Bill :(

Steven Hartley said...

In my mosaics I thought that was a Fred Moore scene?

Oswald Iten said...

Actually, I looked it up in your mosaics (page 37, scene 71.1) since this was more convenient than looking at the drafts themselves. :)

I will mention your Fantasia mosaics soon, by the way.

Steven Hartley said...

Oh sorry, I thought it was the scene of the rabbit saying "Yes, we'll burn the down...NO!" I was just a bit confused.

best animation software said...

I love rabbits, in my dish, well cooked, well I like the drawings, do you have other designs of rabbits?