Saturday, January 2, 2010

Greetings and color guessing evaluation

2010 - It's time to think outside the box

Color guessing evaluation
First of all, thanks for your brisk participation. I was overwhelmed by the number of reactions to my first post since I didn’t really expect people to be interested in color guessing at all. I tried to be generous in acknowledging correct answers (if you mentioned the right color but typed the wrong letter, I count it as correct). I always enjoy reading about the thinking that leads to a certain choice. Some of your explanations for choosing this or that color were brilliant, even if they didn’t lead to a correct answer (because there’s never just one possible solution).

Although, as promised, I will provide a list of correct answers, the real benefit of the game – for me at least – was dealing with possible color choices and thus sharpening my perception.

A total of 24 people answered to at least one of the 18 questions. Many readers responded to only one question. Of these, only Hammy and Sergio also got their answers correct. Such a hit rate of 100% would technically make them winners ex aequo, which would be unfair to people with a steadier participation record, however.

Three people had a nip-and-tuck race going with only Aaron responding to all 18 posts (4 correct answers). Sunny Kharbanda delivered 4 correct answers out of 14 attempts. According to my calculations, we have a clear winner nonetheless: Soriah with 7 out of 15.

What impressed me most was the fact that she figured out all the eye colors of the Russian Jungle Book. A special mention goes to one-time participant Gio Renna for putting 4 of the 7 Roadrunner backgrounds in chronological order. Last but not least, Shannon Doran with 3 out of 7 correct answers also did quite well.

So for the record, here is the complete list in alphabetical order (I hope I haven’t jumbled any names or results):
Name (correct / total answers)
Aaron (4/18)
Amelia (0/1)
Andy J. Latham (0/2)
Anonymous1 (0/1)
Anonymous2 (0/1)
David Bernal (0/1)
Gio Renna (0.6/1)
Hammy (1/1)
J (0/2)
Jamil R. Lahham (wanted to be part of the list anyways)
John T. Quinn 3rd (0/1)
JoR (0/1)
Kate (0/1)
nktoons (0/1)
Pablo Hérnandez Delgado (1/2)
pheslaki (0/1)
RIS (0/2)
Sergio (1/1)
Shannon Doran (3/7)
Soriah (7/15)
stealingsand (0/1)
Sunny Kharbanda (4/14)
The Amazing Spider-Ads (0/1)
Urgwen (0/3)
Xari (1/3)


Shannon Crissey said...

Awesome I didn't do too bad! Haha! I would have answered more but they kept getting harder! Oh well, it was a fun game anyways. Thanks for hosting it!

Soriah said...

I had no idea we were keeping score but I have to admit it is kind of cool I got 7 out of 15 answers right. I'm not really good with color, I don't even paint. Although I do plan to change all that this year.

I had a lot of fun participating and, as always, I do enjoy reading your short observation on animated films and movies. Looking forward to a colorful New Year.

Jamil R. Lahham said...

I know Sorry...I had to leave for a while one I should be here for it