Saturday, May 9, 2009


Although there are quite a few Nina-Paley-interviews online by now, Kristin Thompson posted a transcript of a Q&A from this year's Ebertfest. As always, she (together with film professor Richard Leskovsky) asks all the right questions. You can find it here.

There are still a few questions concerning her storytelling approach I'd like to hear more about and wish somebody asked her in a future interview.

I have also tried to locate some of Paley's short films. Some of the online versions are in fairly poor quality, but hopefully this will change, once Nina Paley has had time to upload all of them to her own website. So maybe it's a good idea to wait (Fetch will be included on the Sita-DVD), but nevertheless, if you're curious, here they are:

Trial by Fire (2004): the short film that formed the basis of Sita.
The Stork (2002)
The Wit and Wisdom of Cancer (2002)
Lexi (2001)
Fetch! (2001)
Pandorama (2000)

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